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Forum Rules

These are the forum rules.

Don't swear or use offensive language.
Minor infractions of this rule will result in the words being censored or the post being deleted. However larger/frequent occurences of breaking this rule will result in either a temporary or permanent ban from the website. The censor is there for a reason, do not bypass it to get your swear word across.
Don't spam.
Pointless messages aren't useful, these will be deleted. There is a board specifically for spam but it does still fall under all the other rules, though I am slightly more lenient there.
Only be one person
The use of multiple guest names and/or registered accounts to pretend to be more than one person is pointless and will likely confuse any other users of the forum. It is also generally frowned upon to have more than one registered account anyway.
Don't post links to illegal/pornographic material.
It's just in no way appropriate for a website for car boot users and organisers. Anyone who does so will be banned immediately.
Don't post links to advertising websites.
It's ok to post links to websites for individual / groups of car boots. It is not acceptable to post links to other types of car boot websites, including on-line 'boot' sales. Anyone who does so will be banned.
Don't troll/flame other users.
Provoking other people intentionally or insulting them is not a good practice and such posts will be deleted.
Responding to these posts is ill-advised especially if they worked on you, instead just report the post.
Don't bump topics.
Topics on this forum do not purge so feel free to post in older topics as long as you have something worth saying; if your post is merely there to bring the topic to the top of the list and you have nothing useful to add to the topic, why would anybody else? This will be regarded as spam.
Be constructive with criticism
If you're going to post negatively in regards to any car boot then give reasons. Merely stating the fact you don't like it is pointless and doesn't contribute anything.
Stay on topic
If you wish to discuss something unrelated to the topic then start a new one, in the correct forum of course. Posts that go off-topic will be deleted. Topics that are entirely off-topic will either be deleted or moved to the correct forum.
Don't post in a disruptive manner.
Writing entirely in captials, alternating capitals, captials at the start of every word, bold, italic or 1337 speak will be deleted or edited as it makes it difficult to read and is pointless to post in such a manner.
Use the edit button.
Posting several times in a row back to back is pointless, disruptive and a waste of space. Use the Edit button below your posts in order to amend your previous post with what you would have posted, the topic is still marked as having new content and moves to the top of the list.
Don't misuse the Report Post feature.
Reporting posts that have nothing wrong with them just wastes my time and will mean the removal of your ability to report.
Please use English
Most visitors will be able to understand you if you use English. This is more of a recommendation than a hard rule though.

Abide by the above rules and you'll do fine here.