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Help Files

Welcome to the help files for the CarBootsRUs Forum, often updated with new features and gizmos. This page is designed to answer most of those small questions you might want to know about the forum and the website, if your question is not answered here, feel free to ask it in the forums themselves.

What are the codes for all of the smilies?

Picture Code Picture Code Picture Code
Professor :professor: Roll :roll:
Angry >:O Grin :D Blank :|
Cool B) Frustrated >_< Shocked :O
Happy ^^ Left <_< Right >_>
Sad v_v Sarcasm ?_? Smile :)
Tounge :P Upset :( XD XD
Puzzled :\ Wink ;)

What are the different user levels?

Well, we currently have quite a few different user levels, they are as follows:

  1. Admin - there's only one of these, me, I have full control over the site and forums and I can ban and suspend users.
  2. Moderator - these can do almost anything that I can do except access the admin panel and ban users permanently.
  3. Booter - you, the user of the forums.
  4. Guest Booter - the equivalent of a guest account. Currently guests have just about the same privileges of a member except that they can't customise the site, have the site remember them or edit/delete their own posts/topics.
  5. Suspended - a suspended account of any type. If a user gets a bit too unruly then they can get their account suspended and put out of action for a while, they are prevented from posting at all with this account during this period.
  6. Banned - permanently banned account. If any user goes way too far then this may be where they are headed. Users with an account in this group are banned from visiting the site and the account is permanently disabled; never to be used again.

How do I become a 'Moderator'?

You don't. This website is unfortunately not quite popular enough at the moment to warrant handing out any extra powers to the users we have, as I believe that I can handle it by myself.

What are the forum rules?

You can find the rules here.

I've lost my password! How can I get my account back?

Use the Recover Password link below the login boxes, if you used a valid email for your account then a new password will be sent to the address once you provide it again for the form.

I've discovered a bug/exploit with the site/forum!

Report it in the Bugs/Suggestions forum and I'll try to correct/fix it as soon as possible.

What kind of formatting are we allowed to use?

The forums, comments and signatures employ the BBCode format.

[b]This text will be bold.[/b]
This text will be bold
[i]This text will be italic.[/i]
This text will be italic.
[]This is a link.[/url]
This is a link.
[quote=dark52]This text will be quoted./[quote]
dark52 wrote:
This text will be quoted.
[quote]This text will also be quoted.[/quote]
This text will also be quoted.
[code]This will display as fixed width code.[/code]
This will display as fixed width code.
[*]This is a list
[*]It sure is
  • This is a list
  • It sure is
[*]This is an ordered list
[*]It sure is
  1. This is an ordered list
  2. It sure is

Badly written or disallowed code gets broken by the board (except bad nesting) but there isn't a warning besides using the preview button to see what your message will look like.