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Garden chairs
john Posts: 19 Gems: 441
#1 Posted: 14:39:06 12/09/2007 | Topic Creator
I came across a stack of dark green plastic garden chairs for sale 2 each. The top one was obviously broken - a large chunk out of the back. I looked through the rest. They were all broken! The seller said to make him an offer. What can you do with broken plastic garden chairs?
florence Red Sparx Posts: 2 Gems: 13
#2 Posted: 14:50:07 10/02/2009
Well, that is a very interesting question. Maybe, you could have a B-B-Q and invite people whom you may dislike - they sit on the chairs and never return to your personal company again. The chairs would also be useful for a management training day wher the participants have to come up with various uses for the chairs. Use the for topiary.
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