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CarbootsRus Forum > Moan about Car Boots > BEDWORTH SUNDAY CAR BOOT BULKINGTON ROAD
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keefy Red Sparx Posts: 1 Gems: 13
#1 Posted: 17:26:14 21/08/2011 | Topic Creator
done a car boot july 2011 no more than 40 booters turned up ,some of them standing in 6in high grass.poor footfall all morning. Had a chat with other booters {nothing else to do] many been lured by great photo on their website, said they aint coming again.Decided to take family for a look round last sunday .went by car ,wanted to charge 50p per person thats 2.00 for a ten min stroll round a few stalls .we done a deal and in we went.very few people about again .If organisers want to make a go of it charge 50p a car to get the public in . then us booters will be pleased to set up a stall.
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